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as president john f. kennedy was cut down in the prime of his life and service. >>> plus some airlines are saying no way, others are welcoming the change. >>> the senate adopts the nuclear option thrilling the president. >>> and using play time to encourage girls to become engineers. "early today" starts right now. >>> this is "early today" for friday, november 22. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. 50 years ago the nation lost its 35th president when john f. kennedy was struck down by an assassin's bullet. jackie kennedy to steal the spot light among the excited crowds. brian williamsrt >> reporter: at the third texas stop in fort worth even though it was late and raining people lined the streets to see them. the kennedy's spent their last night together at hotel texas. the next morning the president emerged to greet a crowd of 5,000 outside. >> i appreciate you being here this morning. mrs. kennedy is organizing herself. >> reporter: and when she appeared mrs. kennedy made a stunning entrance wearing the now-famous pink chanel suit, white gloves. >> i am the man who accompanied
en noticias univisión 14 los estados unidos recordaron al presidente john f. kennedy por su aniversario de asesinato. >> ♪. ♪. >> en breve la historia de una familia latina que vivió una experencia, tras el día nacional de adopación, los detalles en breve. >> ♪ porque sabemos todo lo que haces para que estas fiestas sean perfectas. desde cojines a cocinas, haz que sean inolvidables con ikea. >>> >>> la junta directiva que supervisa el prgh de salud dicen que no tomarán la propuesta del presidente barack obama. >> entretanto el presidente barack obama anuncio que ahora el público tendrá 8 días más para inscribirse en un nuevo plan de salud obama care y hasta el 31 de marzo van a tener para que su poliza esté vigente. >> varias programas piensan que esto es un anuncio positivo. >> podemos entonces tener una semana más para ver qué tipo de planes nos gusta ahora la página web está funcionando mucho mejor. >> el gobierno dice que siguen trabajando en la página web para inscribirse a un plan de cobertura ♪,edica. >> se conmemoraron 50 años del asesinato de
by assassin's bullets in downtown dallas. >> the assassination of john f. kennedy 50 years later. brian williams reporting tonight from dallas. >>> and good evening from dallas, texas. we're in dealey plaza just across from the sixth floor window in the texas schoolbook depository building where three shots were fired 50 years ago today that changed the course of american history. and here in the shadow of that very building it was a perfectly awful day. 35 degrees, rain and wind, perfectly matching how dark it felt to be here today. and going back 50 years ago tonight, by this time of night, right now, air force one had just landed back in washington, d.c. carrying the president's casket, his widow jacqueline kennedy and the new president, lyndon johnson. most americans were home for the day. schools and offices let out early, and millions by this time were huddled around their television sets where they would remain transfixed, watching the coverage on and off for the next four days. here now is how david brinkley started off this broadcast on this very night 50 years ago. >> good eve
anniversary of the award, which was brought to the nation by president john f. kennedy 50 years ago. here with me eleanor, let's start with you, the clintons and obamas, this is a big day historically. after doing this ceremony, participating in the ceremony, the 50th anniversary of the medal of freedom, they are going to going to john f. kennedy's gravesite to pay homage to a president who forever be young and popular. i think it's fair to say this is a low point for president obama. president clinton had some low points of his own. he's now got extraordinary popularity. he's a democratic icon. republicans even like him. he's provided a life raft to the this president in the past. they need each other. there's a third person that will be joining them at the gravesite, hillary clinton. >> of course. >> i can't think of a parallel in history where you have a sitting president, a former president and a potential next president and so bill clinton's legacy is involved here. obama's success, how hillary clinton terms her campaign if she runs. i did a lot of interviewing on in this week and on
. >> the president had been shot. >> 50 years after the assassination of president john f. kennedy, they share their memories of that tragic day. and the roof of a supermarket collapses, killing dozens of people in latvia, and a major storm moving across the northeast that can affect your holiday travel plans. >> today the nation remembers one of the darkest days in its history. it was 50 years ago today that john f. kennedy was fascinated as he went -- assassinated as he went through texas. jfk's burial site is marked by the eternal flame, and it's one of the most visited gravesites, and for the first time ever in dallas, a memorial will be held at the scene of the shooting. heidi is there, and i understand that they're expecting huge crowds. >> reporter: they are, del. 5,000 lucky lottery winners will be here at the plaza, and on this unseasonably cold day, it's nothing like the clear skies that were in dallas in 1963. well, this bad weather is not keeping people home. but crowds are gathering already in the anticipation of this event. just above them is a book depositry where from the 6th
exactly 50 years now since president john f. kennedy was pronounced dead by doctors at parkview memorial hospital in dallas. crowds of mourners have been paying their respects at arlington national cemetery. and for the first time since the assassination, the city of dallas holding a memorial at dealey plaza, the scene of the shooting itself. the place with heidi zhou castro is live now. heidi a solemn dais specially when the bells rang. >> absolutely. sdel, here the moment of silence followed by the bells was an emotional moment. the major of dallas saying that the sky as it rained was weeping with them. 50 years after president kennedy was assassinated here just steps from where i am standing by lee harvey oswald. but this was about the life pa -- and legacy of john f. kennedy. a committee of 25 people from dallas put on this event funded completely by private donations. >> you, lord have lifted us up from the horrible tragedy enacted in this place from the cruel suffering that was born on this hill, from the shock and horror that gripped our nation, and from the year when we has citiz
television provider. >> coming up, coverage of the funeral of president john f. kennedy on the 50th anniversary and then a bipartisan meeting and then a panel on nuclear energy. >> the companies have notice how mrs.nixon was looking at a pack mg of cigarettes and admired the pandas at the zoo and they said they will have them going home with you. it was important to be there. and evidence at the end of the trip are where news report came out and they would talk about the president that way and say what a wonderful job nixon did. >> pat nixon tonight live. >> next a portion of the john f. kennedy funeral. broadcast on november 25, 1963. it will have the footage of the family going with the casket through the streets and it concludes at the burial site. >> we are on the steps of the capital. and as i look across at the huge crowds that have gathered, the navy broadband -- band is -- about to play hail to the chief and the casket is brought down. a quite crowd. one paying their very last respects and waiting patiently in the cold morning air. the casket is rolling to arlington cemetery
the bible tells us. >> a day of remembrance, looking back at the life and leggy of president john f. kennedy. >>> and the death toll rises as a roof collapses on a supermarket in latvia. >>> and big news coming out the airline industry. it could effect your right to a quiet flight. ♪ >>> today the nation pauses to remember one of its darkest days in history. 50 years ago today president john f. kennedy was assassinated. a half a century later, people still mourn his death. this is where jfk is buried. and dallas is going to be holder a memorial dealey plaza. heidi zhou castro is there. >> dell, actually 14,000 people applied to be here today in audience is. of those only 5,000 won the ticket through a random lottery, and as you can see from the crowd, this rain and this bad weather is not keeping people at home. the flags are already at half staff for the nation's 35th president, who's death many americans still see as a mystery. a recent gallup poll found that 63% of americans do not believe that lee harvey oswald acted alone. before lee harvey oswald could be tried, he was killed on liv
and the nation remember john f. kennedy. secretary of state john kerry is en route to the geneva talks on rolling back iran's nuclear program. >>> and the white house takes a firm stand asible tribal leaders continue to meet on the afghan security pact. >> across the country people pause to remember one of america's darkest moments. 50 years ago today president john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas. people invested kennedy's grate side where the eternal flame burns. and the city where kennedy died held it's first ever memorial on this anniversary. >> we watch the nightmare-ish reality that in our front yard our president had been taken from us. taken from his family, taken from the world. >> heidi zhou castro joins us with details. tell us what it was like to be there at the plaza on this day? >> reporter: sure, tony, it was grim with the rain and cold weather, despite that, 5,000 people gathered at the plaza just steps away from where president john f. kennedy was gunned down in 1963, and in the shadows of the depository to my right. now that building is where the sniper lee harry oswald s
marks the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination. i'm wolf blitzer here in washington along with our panel of correspondents and commentators. we also want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to this special edition of "cnn newsroom." as we take a look at what's going on, the presidential historian, doug loss brinkley is with us. give us your preflexions a little bit about what we're about to see as the current president, the former president, they're getting closer to the gravesite of president john f. kennedy. they will approach the eternal flame. the president will place his hands on the wreath, taps will be played. there will be a moment of silence. it's a moment that all of us, of course, who lived through that era remember 50 years ago, but it's a powerful moment for the country right now, douglas. >> absolutely. well, after kennedy was killed in dallas, the question was, as you mentioned, where is he going to be buried. part of the reason jackie kennedy picked arlington was because of the scenic view. it's so beautiful but mainly because i
especially, and at this place, let us listen again to some of what john f. kennedy said. the new frontier of which i speak is not a set of promises. it is a set of challenges. it sums up not what i intend to offer the american people, but what i intend to ask them. this nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. it was founded on the principle that all men are created equal. and the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. the heart of the question is whether we are going to treat our fellow americans as we want to be treated? we must educate our children as our most valuable resource. we must have trained people, many trained people, their finest talents brought to the keenest edge. we must have not only scientists, mathematicians, technicians, we must have people skilled in the humanities. i look forward to an america which will reward achievement in the arts as we will reward achievement in business or state craft. i look forward to an america which come manages respect throughout the world not only for its strength but for its civil
be anchoring our special coverage of the dallas memorial of john f. kennedy. stay tuned as the events begin right at the top of the hour. thanks so much for watching, everyone. everyone. and have a good weekend. -- captions by vitac -- >>> you're with cnn. welcome to "around the world." i'm hal lal gorani. >> i'm michael holmes. we welcome our viewers from all around the world, a very important day in u.s. history. we are in fact, approaching the moment that assassin's bullet took the life of president john f. kennedy and shattered the nation 50 years. >> so it's an event that is still seared in the collective copeousness of this country. one of the darkest days really in this country's history. and people gathering in dallas to honor the slain president. you're looking at live pictures of dealey plaza, the scene of the tragedy. >> the city's going to hold a moment of silence at the exact time of the assassination. today's event the first time dallas zillions officially commemorating jfk's death. the first time in 50 years. of course, the eternal flame cont
the legacy of president john f. kennedy. plus, how the opening of the new outlets could cause major traffic trouble. and it is your vet recommending procedures that your pet does not actually need? what to look out for. and get ready for an arctic blast moving into our area over the weekend. i will let you know just how cold it will get and how cold hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want t to see something ol? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no..... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. ♪ >> a ritual of remembrance at the internal flame. a few years now since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. since thes now assassination of president john f. kennedy. a look back at an event that changed the nation. >> and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for you
john f. kennedy's assassination. the images are etched in our collective memories. the president and the first lady in the open top limousine. the motorcade making its way toward dealey plaza. no signs of the tragedy about to unfold. today, the crowd gathered in dealey plaza. it will pause for a moment of silence at 12:30 p.m..local time, that's 1:30 p.m. eastern the moment the shots rang out. we're going to have live coverage of the ceremony. earlier today, members of the kennedy family held a wrea wreath-laying ceremony in arlington national cemetery. leading an the family, jean kennedy smith, jfk's last surviving sibling. we have a team of correspondences, authors, commentators here with us throughout this hour. they'll share their reflections on the assassination and the anniversary as well as the legacy of president kennedy. we want to start with the investigative reporter gerald posner, the historian david kaiser, both in watertown, massachusetts right now. correspondence ed lavandera is standing by as is our own john king. give us a quick thought, gerald. let's start with
, the death of a beloved president, john f. kennedy. for a generation of americans the death of president john f. kennedy was a touch stone, every one know where they were in dallas 50 years ago today and the shooting and aftermath viewed by millions and carried the news around the clock and a half century later the nation is marking the moment that changed our nation and al jazeera will have continuing coverage of the somber anniversary all day long and later in the hour we will look at the final days of jfk and how reporters captured those moments. plus we will focus on an unique photography exhibit that has snapshots of his presidency from beginning to end. very good friday morning and welcome to al jazeera and stephanie si has the morning off. we begin with a historic power play in congress, senate democrats passed the so called nuclear option, the landmark vote limits the use of filibustering to block presidential nominees and democrats say the move will engridlock in washington and allow president obama to get his appointments approved but republicans say the partisan bickering in t
states john f. kennedy had been assassinated. for many, that news came from walter cronkite on cbs news. >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. some 38 minutes ago. >> tonight in the extraordinary hour of eyewitness accounts, conspiracy theories and the stories you've never heard before. we go to john king who takes a look back at the awful day. >> november 22nd, 1963 was day two of a five-city texas campaign swing. it was 11:37 a.m. local time, air force one, wheels down at love field. >> several thousand enthusiastic texans on hand to give the president and mrs. kennedy the warm welcome. >> the president's motorcade rolled from the airport at 11:52, dallas police reported 150,000 people, maybe more along the ten-mile route. at 12:30 p.m. local time, the fateful turn on to dilly plaza past the texas school depository, suddenly, the sound of gunfire, screams, and urgent live reports. >> it is believed that president kennedy has been shot. president kennedy was in a motorcade enroute to
, amanda. 5:03 now. it was 50 years ago today president john f. kennedy was assassinated. >> there will be events to mark the anniversary in dallas and here, as well. john gonzalez is live outside arlington national cemetery with more. >> the president ordering flagged at half staff all day long throughout the country today. we remember what has been described as one of the most tragic events in american history. president john f. kennedy shot and killed 50 years ago today, and 1300-miles from that plaza in downtown dallas, the eternal flame at the grave site of the president at arlington national cemetery has burned ever since. this morning, two special wreath layings. one at president kennedy's tomb at 8:30, and in the afternoon we understand a tribute at the unknown. 50,000 are expected to mark the solemn day at daley plaza in texas, where the motorcade went through on that day. he was only in office two years but his impact and this tragic day will never be forgotten. john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> it is a big day in our area for folks who love a good bargain. >> the ta
for john f. kennedy and i passed out literature in my neighborhood. i remembered a woman slamming the door and saying i don't support a papist. i didn't know what that was that it was a big deal to us. there was a lot of anti-catholic prejudice. >> host: i was seven at the time that i have a vivid memory of our principal walking into our second grade classroom in new york and telling us. the only two things i remembered that is after i got home standing on the coffee table and my father holding me while i was crying. and then the drums and then the sunday coming home from church and turning on the tv watching oswald being shot. what got you interested in politics? >> guest: john f. kennedy. that's one reason i did the book. i've always had it in the back of my mind that i wanted to write about this once i have the resources. we were doing a big project. you gave an academic another year and he's going to have another 100 pages. but we are doing an online course that is free to anyone that wants to sign up on the platform. we are giving exposure special mobile app that's going to have the n
a hijos de extranjeros en la isla, y se conmemoran 50 aÑos del asesinato del presidente john f kennedy. >> este su noticiero univisiÓn, ediciÓn nocturna, con illia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >> arresta en la frontera al hijo del narcotraficante mexicano conocido como zambada, se trata de serafÍn zambada,alejandro roldÁn tiene la noticia. >> el hijo de uno de los lÍderes del cÁrtel del chapo, fue detenido al intentar ingresar como turista a estados unidos. >> creo que es un mensaje de la dea de que sigue actuando de manera contundente para aprender a los capos de la droga. >> el motivo de la detenciÓn es que enfrenta un proceso por trÁfico de drogas en una corte del sur de california. >> hay recordar que la dea tiene informantes de los dos lados de la frontera, muchos de los narcotraficantes mexicanos viven en estados unidos, sus hijos viven en estados unidos. >> tenÍa muchos automÓviles, bolsas de mariguana y hasta un leÓn, y un leopardo. >> un aÑo despuÉs, fue extraditado a estados unidos, mientras tanto, su padre sigue siendo buscado. >> ya que hablamos del tem
. >> all presidents try to imitate john f. kennedy but they can't. he had a special magic, a special combination of rhetorical ability. ability to inspire and also self deprecating humor which some of our presidents really ought to acquire. >> the interesting thing he didn't like television that much. when he came to the white house he had all of the steps steps pulled out. so caroline can catch lassie. >> schieffer: i never knew that. why do you think it is, i'll put the question to all three of you, today, 61% of the american people still believe that lee harvey oswald did not act alone. i think the evidence is overwhelming that he did. i've always tried to keep an open mind about various conspiracy theories. but as yet no one has shown me evidence to convince me that there was anybody else connected y. do you think that is? >> people looked at this as one of the most terrible things that ever happened in american history, it was. it was so big, how could you balance it with a loser, a total loser who failed at everything as lee harvey oswald had. there had to be more meaning in
and legacy of john f. kennedy i had of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. there's a head of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. this is 35 minutes. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we want to welcome the chairman of the john f. kennedy library foundation, ken feinburg. we will be focusing on what happened 50 years ago. this was the bulletin from upi as reprinted from the "chicago sun-times." how chicago told the world that president kennedy is dead. where were you? guest: i was a freshman at the university of massachusetts at amherst, walking to class. the news spread like wildfire. nobody believed it. class was adjourned and we all went home. host: why 50 years later do we still feel compelled to reflect on the kennedy presidency? was this a turning point in the 20th century? guest: it is what might have been a turning point. the reason i think there is so much interest in the legacy of president kennedy is for what his administration stood for, this notion that every single person can make a difference in our country. the
in american history. 50 years ago today president john f. kennedy was shot and killed as his motorcade drove through the streets of dallas, texas. you're looking live at dealey plaza there in dallas where a solemn ceremony is to begin over an hour from now. the eternal flame burning on the gravesite of president john f. kennedy at arlington national cemetery. in the white house the flag flies at half-staff in honor of the youngest man elected to president of of the united states. in arlington, eternal flame, marking the legacy and final resting place of our 30 fifth president. we have live coverage throughout the day on events honoring president kennedy. here on fox news channel. jon: very good morning to you as we celebrate what is in many respects sort of a somber friday. >> i'm patti ann browne in for jenna lee. new fallout meanwhile after senate democrats go nuclear voting to strip republicans of the power to block many presidential nominees. the new rule requires a simple majority, 51 votes instead of 60, to end a filibuster and bring most nominations to a full floor vote. republicans a
-- >> at a breakfast, president john f. kennedy spoke of the future for his country. >> and i think we'll continue to do as we have done in our past, our duty. >> reporter: 30 miles away 24 year old oswald placed a long package in the back of a car, curtain rods, he said. a crowd of 2,000 greeted president and mrs. kennedy at the airport. >> right away, and come right up to the fence. >> mrs. kennedy dressed in a favor of hers, a pink suit that would soon become a symbol of our quiet courage and profound grief. it was a sunny day, so the secret service removed the car's double top. just before noon an estimated 150,000 cheering spectators craned for a look at the president and first lady. no secret service agents were in their car at the request of president kennedy who told his detail -- >> if i didn't get out and shake hands with the people, i couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> seconds before -- >> mr. connelly turned to the president, and said mr. president you certainly can't say dallas doesn't love you. >> reporter: and then the gunshots. agent clint hill jumped on to the front of the presi
on public television and in america, and around the globe. 50 years after john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas, thousands gathered to mark the anniversary. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff. we are in dallas and he joins us now. a painful, poignant day. >> indeed, a very wet and windy and blustery day as well. had the weather been like this 50 years ago in 1963 -- the weather was bright, and that is why it -- they did not use the top on the limousine. they made their way into the plaza, in front of the texas school book depository. this is where kennedy was killed. our north american editor has been considering the meaning of that traumatic day. >> a president who offered optimism in an age of uncertainty was murdered here, and in the aftermath of the assassination, dallas was called the city of hate. still struggling to make sense of what happened. a man whod in awe of literally told us to reach for the moon, though he would not live to see us achieve that goal. >> america's youngest president and its first catholic seemed to offer a fresh vision for a country
she left the white house. and she became a key player in john f. kennedy's presidential campaign and administration. she was an advocate for women's and civil rights and president kennedy appointed her to chair a special commission on the status of women. this event was hosted by the radcliffe institute for advanced study at harvard and the john f. kennedy presidential library. it's about half an hour. >> hi. >> hi. >> it's a pleasure to be here today to celebrate
that america lost its 305th president. we reflected the nation pays tribute to john f. kennedy. welcome, once again, to this new hour. we are monitoring events across the nation and the ceremonies remembering president john f. kennedy. ashley: in 30 minutes there will be a ceremony at dealey plaza in dallas. we will bring that to you when it occurs. lori: other news across the nation and it comes in the form of a huge storm. ashley: it could start with snow in texas and in this trip the all important things giving commute for more than 43 million people that are expected to hit the road. that turns the storm into a potential economic story. lori: this check and with rick joining us from the fox business weather center with the latest on this forecast. when and where. >> well, you got a good start of this. a storm going right now. you will have a storm on wednesday, a couple days more and we will know exactly where. this is you look in your wednesday forecast. a lot of it you will notice, very cool. greens are the airports, no flight problems across the eastern two-thirds of the country. going
kennedy ran for president and i was so excited. it was the eighth sacrament to be for john f. kennedy and i'd passed out literature in my neighborhood about it. i remember a woman slamming the door and saying i don't support hate this. i didn't know what a papist was and i had asked my father but it was a big deal to us and there was a lot of catholic bridget is. >> host: i was seven at the time but i have a vivid memory of our principal walking into our seven -- second grade classroom. the only two things i remember after that was when i got home standing on the coffee table in my father crying and the drums. coming home from church and watching live oswald being shot by ruby. what got you interested in politics? >> guest: honestly john f. kennedy did. that is one reason why did the book. i've always had it in the back of my mind that i wanted to write about this and i didn't have the time or resources to do it. we are doing a big project on kennedy. the book is a five-year project. that is why it's 600 pages. if you give an academic another year he will add another 100 pages that we
the life of president john f. kennedy, assassinated 50 years ago today. that's a live picture of arlington national cemetery in virginia. we're remembering jfk's life throughout the day here on cnn 50 years later. good morning, everyone. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. carol costello is off today. >> we're going to have more on the jfk remembrances later but first a 22-year ban now getting a second look and that means talking on the cell phone while flying just might become a reality. >> this goes in the worst idea ever file. whether you consider this idea annoying or if you're the one person on earth who thinks it's convenient, the fcc will consider a proposal at its next meeting in december to allow fliers to make voice calls in flight. >> back in 2004 the ban was considered being lifted but they changed their minds after opposition and uncertainty over the technical details. cnn's alexandra field is live outside lag ward in a airport in new york. my personal unscientific polling this morning is that no one thinks this is a good idea and everyone thinks it's a way for someone t
states changed forever as president john f. kennedy was cut down in the prime of his life and public service career. some extraordinary remembrances coming up. >>> plus talking on your cell phone while flying. some airlines are saying no way. while others are saying bring it on. >>> the senate adopts the nuclear option thrilling the president. >>> and using play time to encourage girls to become engineers. "early today" starts right now. >>> this is "early today" for friday, november 22 pdnd. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. 50 years ago the nation lost its 35th president when john f. kennedy was struck down by an assassin's bullet. today's anniversary impacts americans coast the coast. for dallas, it will be the first time they officially mark the anniversary of the assassination. leanne gregg is with us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm in dealey plaza. today, cold temperatures and howling winds. but thousands of people are expected to show up to honor the president's legacy. >> the president's car is turning on to elm street. >> reporter: these iconic images provide a
or a ploy? his 911 recordings. >>> the remarkable story about how john f. kennedy's final resting place was chosen. >>> plus, road trip, forget the best video games. what about the worst, it's about a very long bus ride. we begin with misconduct in the military. a pentagon study shows there were nearly 30,000 sexual assault cases reported last year, attacks against both men and women, and horror stories keep surfacing about cases that were reported but then ignored. today, senators discussed ways to overhaul the system, senator kristin gillibrand is discussing cases out of the chain of command. she says she's taking this on behalf of military survivors. >> sarah's story is extremely disturbing. she said i know the military was notorious for mishandling rape cases. she said having someone in your direct chain of command doesn't make any sense. it's like getting raped by your brother and having your dad decide the case. >> libby casey is on capitol hill. libby the senate divided on this right? >> that's right, john. it's one that the pentagon is working on. the key factor is whether or no
of freedom ceremony coming two days before the 90 anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. kennedy created the award but didn't live to bestow any. mike viqueira is at the white house, mike, 16 awards given. three of those people no longer with us, and one unable to attend. >> a welcome break from the poisonous atmosphere in washington, remembers of the sports world, the entertainment world as well, one of my person favorites, arturo sandoval, and ernie banks still i have a 1969 card still. it was a joyous occasion in the east room. the president honoring so many people, and so a great event, and now we are awaiting the presidential motorcade to de part with bill clinton joined by hillary clinton and michelle obama. they're heading across the river. you can see it just outside that east room where they were earlier today at arsenal nationanational cemetery where e president will be visiting the gravesite. >> each time there is this ceremony in washington, the freedom awards, how does the white house choose hose who are honored? >> reporter: these are all distinguished folk
. today marks president 60 anniversary of the death of john f. kennedy -- 50 year anniversary of the death of john f. kennedy. priz bette pran is live with more on this. >> it was five decades today. people all over the country today plan to recognize the very solemn anniversary. in dallas the ceremony will start late morning to coincide with the time of day president john f. kennedy's motorcade came through the packled downtown streets. the late president will be celebrated with prayers and speeches from dignitaries most taking place at de lee plaza. some will read his speeches before the flyover. there will be a number of events taking place at arlington national cemetery. president obama asking all americans to fly flags at half staff today to remember the president who he says spent only three-years in office but made such an incredible impact. >> john f. kennedy stands as he did in life young, bold and daring. and he stays with us in our imagination. not because he left us too soon because he embodied the character of the people he loved. >> president bush also releasing a statement h
is that resident john f. kennedy is dead. his body is believed to be en route back to washington. it is expected to arrive at andrews at 5:30 eastern standard type, an hour and a half from now. the new president johnson has been sworn in by a federal judge in dallas and is remaining for the moment in dallas. the president's brother, senator ted kennedy, and a sister, the wife of sergeant shriver, are on their way to massachusetts. the family comes from boston. it is assumed they are going there to be with the parents of the present. the last we have on mrs. kennedy when she was at the hospital where the president died. she is not at the hospital now, but we should respect her privacy. mrs. johnson is no doubt with the new president johnson. >> for the last few hours, we have been green you that november 22, 19 63, news coverage from nbc. part of our coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. a live look at the kennedy gravesite, the eternal flame in our little -- in arlington, across from the nation's capital. we will take you live to dallas in a sort --
dallas. two priests who were with president kennedy say he is dead. >> president john f. kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time today here in dallas. he died of a gunshot wound in the brain. i have no other details regarding the assassination of the president. >> from dallas, texas, the flash, apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. >> and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. at this hour, all eyes are on dallas where today that city remembers the faithful day with a solemn ceremony. we'll bring all that to you live. fifty years ago today president and mrs. kennedy had just arrived in that city. at a historion wrote as they were heading to dallas the last of the clouds cleared. it was what aides on the plane called kennedy weather. wrote, seemed as if it was going to be a kennedy day. as the president and first lady were greeting the expectant crowd along the fence line, they could not know the fate that was awaiting them only 10 miles away. >> the white house press secre
that focuses on the numerous books on president john f. kennedy and the 50th anniversary of his assassination. in this block you'll hear from martin sandler, editor of the letters of john f. kennedy who presents a collection of the 35th president's correspondences. then ira stoll examines kennedy's policy record and deems him a conservative in, "jfk conservative." this is followed by a panel of firsthand accounts of the jfk assassination with dr. alan childs and howard willens, the only living member of the supervisory staff of the warren commission from this year's texas book festival. and later, jeff greenfield, author of "if kennedy lived, imagine how a second administration would have governed." and we conclude with historian robert dallek, author of "camelot's court." it all happens next on booktv. >> now, historian martin sandler presents a collection of john f. kennedy's personal correspondences. the letters range from notes sent to his parents from boarding school to secret missives to soviet premier new kieta khrushchev during the cold war. this event from the hyannis museum in massa
. that century separates lincoln from john f. kennedy. when kennedy began to celebrate towhen kennedy began challenge white supremacy, the white south revolted. that revolved is what brought john kennedy to dallas that fateful day 50 years ago. his challenge to white privilege reawakened the old fault line in america, conservative fears of an overweening federal government. right-wing extremist did not kill kennedy, but his visit to dallas to try to appease them did. >> what was the nature of the anti-kennedy sentiment in the south? >> it is better to understand it less as anti-kennedy than anti- washington, anti-federal government sentiment. the two driving elements of american political history are how to deal with race and what role government should play in telling individuals had live their lives. this was the exact cause of the civil war. the same argument that animates civil rights throughout the 1960's, and it is really one of the tensions that drives american politics today. instead of new york or california -- >> at this republican party meeting, the outrageous growth of federal p
to the hospital. >> a radio report from the john f. kennedy library. doctors were racing to trama room one. he was the first to see the wounded president. john conley was riding in the motorcade when the shots rang out and both join me now. you were actually in the white house bus behind the limousine itself. i suppose a question for both of you right off the top, how does it feel to have been involved so directly in an event of such magnitude? let me ask you first. >> of course, it's an event none of us planned to be involved in, so the shock was enormous. you didn't have time really to have emotions at that time. i think those of us who were involved in it, i think you went on sort of automatic pilot, you know to do what you just instinctually know to do. >> dr. jones, you were 31 years old. you'd been operating that day, part of a surgical team, in the cafeteria and relaxing, somebody runs in and tells you, they say the president has been shot. >> well, the operator paged overhead, we didn't have beepers then, so there was a loud speaker and she began to page people stat, respond immediatel
tonight. "ac 360 later" starts right now. >>> good evening, everyone. president john f. kennedy created the award 50 years ago. they include former president clinton, oprah winfrey, and ernie banks and polaroid inventor, edward land. that happened two weeks after the president killing in dallas. >> this is a legacy of a man who could have retreated to a life of luxury and ease. but he chose to live life in the arena. sailing sometimes against the wind. sometimes with it. and that's why 50 years later, john f. kennedy stands for prosperity as he did in life. young, bold, and daring. and he stays with us in our imagination. not because he left us too soon. but because he embodied the character of the people he led. resilient. resolute. fearless and fun-loving. defiant in the face of impossible odds. and most of all, determined to make the world anew. not settling for what is. but rather, for what might be. >> earlier, the obamas and the clintons laid a wreath at president kennedy's grave. john king, it was a full day honoring the former president. >> it was. and a chance for president oba
: young and vigorous, john f. kennedy captured the imagination of millions of americans with his vision of a new frontier. >> we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are hard. >> it appears as though something has happened in the motorcade group. >> osgood: after dallas, the horror of his end, the dashed hopes of what might have been. throughout the morning we'll be remembering key moments of that have friday afternoon and the three days that followed and we'll be taking the measure of a kennedy legacy. the john f. kennedy who loom sod large in our national memory very much a mixture of fact and legend. rita braver will examine the facts, far teichner the legend. >> reporter: when you think of the kennedys, is it what actually happened during j.f.k.'s administration that comes to mind thor? >> think bank on all the pains that you remember. >> we all got to think that the kennedys were mythical. they were royal, they were beautiful. >> reporter: ahead, the immortality of camelot. >> osgood: during the good times first
too soon. the 50-year anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy, today not just renewing the debate over how and why he was killed but also reminding us with his youthful optimism and soaring rhetoric why his accepsenseless killing us shattered. flags across the country are at half staff. president obama gave the word to honor in his words an extraordinary public servant. members of the kennedy family left flowers at the arlington national cemetery this morning. this afternoon 5,000 people will gather to pause for a moment of silence, a moment that marked every american alive. it changed the nation and some believe took its innocence. we'll talk to a nurse who was inside the e.r. when the president was brought in and ask questions of our panel, including where were you, how did it change us. that's coming up. >>> but we want to begin with the big news out of washington today. democrats in the senate doing something unprecedented, changing the filibuster rules so only a simple majority is required to confirm most presidential nominees. democrats say they had no ch
of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. the president was riding in his motorcade through dallas, texas, november 22, 1963, when he was fatally shoot. five decades later the country is stopping to remember the most defining moments in the nation's history. >> good morning, i have to say there is a somber feeling at the place where president john f. kennedys with assassinated 50 year ago today. as you can see behind me there are preparations underway for the ceremony that will take place. thousands are expected to gather to remember his life and legacy and the moment america lost its innocence. job was more than president of the united states. >> excitement surrounded the young handsome leader and his glamorous family but that changed on november 22, 1963. >> thousands gathered in dallas to watch the president and first lady's motorcade. the president was shot twice with his wife next to him. >> she screamed, she said, high god he has been hit. ought president was hit in the head. >> dr. jones rushed to the hospital. >> there was in sign of life in my opinion. he had a fixed stare and hi
to remember. marking the somber 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. >>> virginia state senator sends a tweet out after the stabbing attack. >>> cougar spottings in spotsylvania. is this real? >>> a sickeng and highly dangerous trend among teenagers. the cotton ball diet. >>> welcome to news 4 at 4:00, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination is being marked today with ceremonies here in washington and dallas where the shootings took place. >> ladies and gentlemen, would you join me in a moment of silence in honor of the life of john fitzgerald kennedy? >> people gathered for a memorial event where the president's motorcade passed through. the ceremony included a moment of silence at 12:30 dallas time, the time the fatal shots were fired in 1963. church bells across dallas rang out during the ceremony in honor of our 35th president. >> closer to home, here is a live look at kennedy's graveside in arlington cemetery. people have been stopping by to see the eternal flame. the only surviving sibling laid
the assassination of john f. kennedy. since that tragedy, since that inexplicable loss brought about changes, changes in the way we govern, changes in the party, changes in how we cover the american presidency. we'll get to that this morning, we'll try with a remarkable mix of panelists, people who have worked with president kennedy, people who are eyewitnesses to history. people who covered president kennedy, have studied president kennedy, are related to president kennedy. we're excited about all that we have planned for today and we begin today in dallas, 50 years ago, this friday. john fitzgerald kennedy, the president of the united states, was on a political visit to texas to mend fences in an intrapart feud among state democrats. first lady jacquelineccompanyin first of many trips as her president prepared to seek a second term. it was the middle of the day when the motorcade reached daley plaza in downtown dallas. >> it is approaching 12:30 p.m. dallas time. the crowds and the tall business district are overfilling the sidewalks. some throw streamers and torn paper in a miniature tick
. it is a day our country will never forget. people watched in horror as john f. kennedy was killed. >> brandi hitt has the latest. >> john f. kennedy was more than president of the united states. excitement surrounded the young, handsome leader and his glamorous family. but that all changed in 1963 when thousands gathered in dallas to watch the president and first lady's motorcade. the president was shot twice with his wife jackie next to me. >> she did scream. she said, my god, he is been hit. >> the president was hit in the head. >> he fell over face down. >> he was rushed to parkland hospital. >> there was no life, in my opinion. he had a fixed stair. his eyes were open. >> shock and sadness paralyzed the nation. >> the whole country was just absolutely mesmerized and horrified by it. >> vice president lyndon b. johnson was quickly sworn into office as the focus turned to the accused assassin, lee harvey oswald. and oswald's murder on live television left more questions. >> a lone gunman is crazy and unsatisfying so people like to go after conspiracy theories because they seem so much more
years ago today the united state changed forever as president john f. kennedy was cut down in the premie of his life and career of public service. we have memories to share. >>> plus some airlines are saying no way to talking on your phone while flying. others are welcoming the change. >>> the senated a don' ed adopt nuclear option. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. 50 years ago today, the nation lost its 35th president when john f. kennedy was struck down by a bullet. president and mrs. kennedy's rip to texas included a number of for thes around the state to various cities and jackie kennedy managed to steal spotlight among the excited crowds. brian williams reports on the events leading up to that shot heard round the world. >> reporter: at their third texas stop in ft. worth, even though it was late and raining, people lined the streets to see them. the kennedys spent their last night together at the hotel texas. the next morning, november 22nd, the president emerged to greet a crowd of 5,000 gathered outside. >> i appreciate you being here this morning. mrs. kennedy is organiz
. >> and on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy, a witness to the tragedy shares her story. >> i was the last film of the limousine before he got shot. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, november 22nd, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the senate has changed the way it does business. senate democrats approved a historic rules change that all but ends the use of a filibuster to end most president nominations. president obama welcomed the shift but republicans are ward s precedent has been set. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. this rule change is so controversial it's known in washington as the nuclear option. it basically removes the ability of the party to block fi filibusters. they say they have a hidden agenda. >> the ayes are 52, the nays are 48. >> with all but three members agreeing to the change they killed the filibuster in the senate. now the threshold to move a nomination forward drops from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. >
. >> president obama paying tribute today to president john f. kennedy. a short time ago he laid a wreath where kennedy is buried in arlington national cemetery. before that he an awarded the highest nation's honor created just before jfk's death. >> reporter: a number of comments running through both of these ceremonies. it's really quite interesting. let's start with arlington. it walate november 1963, presidt kennedy was interred in arlington cemetery. he was supposed to be buried in the family plot, or it was thought initially. the family plot in massachusetts. purelily happenstance, there had been no other president buried there, the president ended up there where we now see the internal flame which was inspired by something that jackie saw in paris, it now draws visitors from around the world. bill clinton had met kennedy as a young man, shaking president kennedy's hand in the rose garden in the early 60s, and then president obama, who of course, gained the endorsement of the kennedy family, edward kennedy, who is interred next to his brother, and caroline kennedy, as it happens, was inst
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